• Viva Madiba !

    Hello mates! we propose that young people all over the world take the lead to celebrate Mandela’s legacy on the 5th of december 2014. Let’s dance in the streets to extend the rainbow nation dream to the whole world! Some of us may go for a small gathering, others for a big festival : what Read more

  • India : young people walking aside the landless

    Scheduled from October 2011 to October 2012, the protest march Jan satyagraha organized by the Gandhi-inspired movement Ekta parishad, aims to bring 100 000 landless poor people together to assert their right to access land and natural resources in order to produce their own food and preserve their environment. The 2012 Jan Satyagraha card commonly Read more

  • Survey : non-violence what do young people think about it ?

    The participatory survey set up by JiNOV is an occasion to begin to speak. To participate you can acquire this jasmine perfumed questionnaire and it’s tips for using in the toolbox of this site.